Picking a Promotional Event Company

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Promotional events have grown in popularity over the past few years because of their effectiveness in sharing a brand’s merits with the general public. Since there are many different aspects to large-scale experiential marketing and promotional marketing, professional companies are a brand’s best bet in really striking the right cord with their potential audience. However, the popularity of marketing teams and events has led to an increase in the number of promotional event companies available today. How can you decide which promotional event company is right for you? Let’s take a look at some determining factors.

Look for Experience
Since there are so many elements to marketing with a promotional event company, experienced businesses are the ones which have perfected innovative and creative ways to best get your brand noticed. After all, anyone can hire some people to hand out flyers, but it takes a truly masterful company to staff and execute marketing events that will effectively give your brand the attention it deserves. An experienced promotional event company will be able to offer a variety of options to best address your marketing objectives, whether you’re looking to utilize promotional models, actors and performers for PR stunts, or brand ambassadors to round out your event staffing plan.

Modern Technologies
One of the great things about modern brand marketing is the potential to reach a targeted audience in a variety of locations. However, having multiple events in different cities executing simultaneously, makes it more difficult for brands to audit all their events personally.  For this reason, technology has become an important part of marketing, and your promotional event company should make the most of it. The best companies will offer features like the ability to view the profiles of the talent being employed at your events, social media integration, and real-time check-in dashboards, photos, videos and measurement data so you can keep an eye on things regardless of your location.

Quality Talent
While some companies use contracted individuals to promote your brand during promotional events, W-2 part-time brand ambassadors are the better way to go. Your ideal promotional event company should individually interview and train the promotional models being employed for your brand to ensure that you receive the best talent available. After all, a promotional model represents not only your product or service, but your company as a whole, and your brand’s image should be associated with a friendly and professional brand ambassador.

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Picking a Promotional Event Company

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Picking a Promotional Event Company

This article was published on 2011/12/08