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Are you a retailer? If yes, it does not matter whether you are an online, traditional retailer or a combination of both, there are a lot of items you should use to promote your products in order to get your customer loyalty without feeling that you just give away products which cost you a big amount of money.


Watch The Big Market Leaders


And to this we look at some of the biggest names in the market and learn by their lead that promotional items, when chosen to match your target market, add a lot more value than you might at first appreciate.


Simple Promotional Items Can Be Cheap


Take a look at the good old promotional bug, or the eye catching fridge magnet. Or maybe your target market is more suited to a Frisbee or a stress ball. All of these listed promotional items can be bought quite easily and cheaply, without over stretching the budget.


Buy A Set Of Items


Now, back to watching the big high street names. Rather than just get a single Frisbee or one fridge magnet, get a range of them. Typically, 4 is a good number as it starts a sequence without it going on forever!


Arrange is so that the 4 items all form part of a set. Maybe a different colour, character, saying, graphic or whatever on each of them. What you want is a set of items in which each stands on its own, yet they go together to form a set. I've seen it done with miniature plates for dolls house collectors and all sorts.


Advertise Your New Collection


Now, go to a print shop and have some really big posters printed, or make a really obvious banner to go onto every page of your website. Either in an offers column or on the banner.


And on this advertising you make an offer. For example, offer the first of the set this week and the next one the following week, or month if that fits in with your customers' ordering patterns.


Get Those Customers Back And Buying


What we are aiming to do is to draw customers back in again and again by offering a small present. Because the items form part of a larger set, there is the incentive to come back to you to complete the set whilst the earlier items also remind them that the promotion is in progress.


And if you have chosen well and they really want the items, they will remember to come back before the offer for the next one closes!


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This article was published on 2010/07/19