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Everybody likes to get something for nothing. This is the particular trait of humans that should be exploited to the full by advertisers. A very popular and effective form of advertising is the giving of gifts that are promotional items. Unlike flyers and pamphlets, which are invariably just thrown away, sometimes even before they are read, promotional items have a practical value, and are usually kept by the recipient, and used. The longer they are used, the more the promotional advertisement message sinks in, even subconsciously.

Promotional items can be as sophisticated as pairs of binoculars, or as simple as monogrammed key rings. Perhaps you are a tour guide? For a really exclusive and expensive bird or animal safari for wealthy tourists, it would really be worth going to the extra cost of pairs of binoculars for each individual member, as a gift. Apart from their exceptional usefulness to the members on the tour, their value will last long beyond this for you. If these are embossed, engraved or labelled with your safari tour operator’s logo, they are going to be constant reminders of a wonderful safari experience, when the tourists get back home. There will also be an interesting conversation piece when noticed at their homes by their friends, and consequently a first class permanent advertisement. Most African countries have wonderful outdoor weather for a good part of the year.

The African people are really enthusiastic sportsmen and women, and passionate spectators. Promotional items geared towards sporting and outdoor activities are a form of advertising not to be neglected. For almost any outdoor organised occasion, you can get the appropriate event cushions, flags, balloons and serviettes, all printed with sponsor’s logos. You will find that vuvuzelas, kuduzelas, whistles, caps, lip balm, temporary tattoos, face paint, flags, clap sticks, cheering sticks, and banners are all immensely popular promotional items to present to sports spectators. These can be personalised in team colours, team or country flags or symbols.

They can also bear the emblems or colours of clubs or organisers, as well as combinations of sponsor and team logos. With the growing African economies, and small business starting to boom in many countries of Africa, meetings, symposiums, team building and business teaching and learning opportunities are set to proliferate in the near future. Companies and state organisations in the various business training sectors will want to promote themselves, and what better way than by giving useful gifts? If you are a member of one of these sectors, why not consider briefcases, calculators, pens, memory sticks, business card holders, memo pads, staplers and stationery? Finally, don’t forget the ones who enjoy free gifts the most: children! You can get all sorts of toys, useful school items, torches, puzzles and wristbands. These are all immensely popular with children. The gifts can be embellished with special colours, patterns or logos appropriate to the promotion. These Promotional items would be most welcome gifts at almost any sponsored function, or public advertising campaign, where children will be present.

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Promotional Items And Corporate Gifts Distributed All Over Africa

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This article was published on 2011/09/08